Chapter 7

Escape from Dodge City

Photo by Piotr Czerniawski, Photo by Michael Conen

The Clash flew to Kingston, Jamaica in 1980, to record at Channel One studios with reggae artist Mikey Dread – who’d been supporting them on tour - at the controls. At the time, tensions were at their height in JA and political killings widespread. The studio was in a ghetto area, and group and producer encountered demands for money from locals unused to white groups recording there. After several days, Dread deemed it too risky to stay, and The Clash – then still “on strike” from their record company, living off Paul Simonon’s girlfriend’s credit card, packed up and left, with great recordings of Junco Partner in the bag.

Hits Back
Part 1

Flying to Kingston

“He caught these people robbing a bank and he made them crawl on their bellies all through Kingston town to the police station” — Mick

“He’d been shot about 18 times” — Mick

Part 2

Channel 1 Recording

“Rather than ask too many questions we just sort of left like really quickly because he also said that the gunmen were on their way down” — Paul

“There was a black guy sitting in the bar and I said ‘get on the drum kit and pretend it’s me and don’t say anything’ so I could go back to the hotel” — Topper

“We weren’t even being supported by the record company at that time so we were sort of living on my girlfriend’s credit card to sort of keep us in food” — Paul

Photo by Sarah W